A web portal is not just meant for selling products, it is much more than that. It can be used for managing sales activities, marketing programs, enhancing support and service offerings as well. Being a gateway to the world, a portal enables your business to reach out to millions of visitors across the globe.

What is B2B Portal? B2B means Business to Business. It is creation of a market place where one business explores and acquires new opportunities by associating with another business. With a B2B Portal, your business can get data related to business community (individuals, firms, corporate, institutions, societies, agencies and more) to explore new opportunities and grow their markets.

What is B2C Portal? B2C means Business to Consumer. It is creation of a market place where a business unit or organization explores and acquires new opportunities by selling, displaying and presenting their products and services to the consumer directly.

Both B2B and B2C portals are ideal for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and individuals.

Adroit offers technically strong expertise in developing multi faceted, multi dimensional Portal for your industry. With our expertise, you can acquire a virtual marketplace wherein buyers, sellers, service providers and consumers can interact and trade with one another seamlessly. In addition, we can help you to disseminate your business activities, news, product information and support services to employees, suppliers, clients and partners in a transparent and easy manner.

Adroit has designed and developed several B2B and B2C Portals for diverse customers across all segments. With the best of web portal designers at your disposal you will never fall short of better ideas for your very own unique virtual marketplace.

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