Hotels are service centres that allow us a comfortable experience, while we are away from home. Although nothing can replace the comfort of "home", hotels do their best to keep their customers happy and content with their invaluable service.

Gone are the days when people would reach the venue and then book their place of accommodation. Now, everything is well-planned and all bookings are done long before the visit itself. This is through websites.

If you are still not online, then come to Adroit. Among the cut throat competition,


From A-Z: Commonly, a company into web development is not into content development, and the one into designing may not handle web marketing. At Adroit, we provide all services under one roof, from web designing, programming, social media marketing, content development and the like.

Expertise: Adroit is the pioneer in providing web solutions. Years of expertise and immense experience ensures the client’s safety.

Cost-efficient: Adroit’s services are reasonably priced.

Customised: Adroit provides a variety of solutions catering to the customer’s budget and requirements. One can opt for a simple website which simply displays the rooms, facilities, prices etc. Yet another option would be to opt for an elaborate website with innumerable drop down lists with various classifications like types of rooms, prices, date of stay, packages etc. Additionally, the website could be an e-commerce site with or without a payment gateway.

Why website?

Reach far and wide: The dissolving global boundaries have made it challenging for the hotels to reach its target audience via physical marketing methods only. Internet and social media marketing allow hotels to reach the target audience across the globe effectively.

Customer ease: Customers travelling to any part of the globe can find their accommodation and make the respective bookings, even before they actually reach there.

Travel agents: Not only for customers, hotel websites allow travel agents to serve their customers better. Travel agents can contact and tie-up with the hotels and provide excellent packages and facilities for the clients

Better access: Customers hunting for an appropriate accommodation can contact the hotels well-in-advance and make their stay pleasing and comfortable by communicating their requirements. In this way, hotels can also assure better higher customer satisfaction.

View the place: An interactive website with pictures and videos allows the customer to view his place of stay and assess the facilities even before he is actually there.

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