Although colleges are non-profitable organizations, they need their due recognition. They are knowledge centres, with the responsibility of building student’s careers. Every college has different courses and different methods to offer to the students. To fulfil their objective of shaping student’s careers, they need to be visible to the target audience.

What can give more visibility to a large group better than Internet and social media marketing?

With its expertise and experience, ADROIT can enable colleges to reach out to students looking for them.


A Pioneer: Adroit is the pioneer in providing web solutions. Years of expertise and immense experience ensures the client that he is in safe hands.

Cost-efficient: Adroit provides solutions at reasonable costs.

A one-stop shop: Commonly, a company into web development is not into content development, and the one into designing may not handle web marketing. At Adroit, we provide all services under one roof, from web designing, programming, social media marketing, content development and the like.

Sensitive to customer needs: Adroit offers a variety of solutions suitable to the client’s cause and budget. For a small budget, the site could simply be a collection of pages displaying the infrastructure, contact details, university affiliations, courses available etc of the college. One could also choose an elaborate website with a number of drop down lists with detailed information about the college, its branches, classification of courses and the like. Colleges can even choose a website that enables admission facilities too.

Why Website?

Easier accessibility: A website enables convenience in reaching out to a large audience as against the limitations posed by the physical markets to reach out far and wide.

Cost-efficient: Internet marketing is cost-efficient compared to expensive physical marketing methods, while capturing a larger audience.

Speaking loudly: Colleges Schools can easily display and communicate the facilities provided, the USP’s in the education system, details of old students, variety of courses provided, extra-curricular activities and also the laurels achieved by them in various arenas. Usage of visual aids like pictures enables better communication of the same.

Easy movement: Websites rule out the need for students to visit all the colleges. Instead, they can conduct due research online and then check the short listed lot.

Parent satisfaction: Not only before, but even post admissions, parent-management and parent teacher communication is much easier online and keeps the parents and students updated with college activities and their children’s on goings. Thus, ensuring higher parent satisfaction!

Colleges shape careers. Come to us and we would be glad to design a robust / advanced website and assist in achieving your social cause.

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