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In an increasingly competitive marketplace, companies need to market aggressively to get the best possible results. Pay Per Click (PPC) is an extremely powerful tool that can help your business to be quickly seen in the Search Engine results pages, get instant results and feedback.

By optimizing keywords and search phrases, PPC helps your website achieve effective coverage across your market while helping you to minimize online marketing campaign costs. PPC has emerged as a powerful and effective marketing tool for advertising products or services and lure avid and prospective clients to your Site who may show genuine interest in your products and services by clicking PPC Advertisement. For each click on PPC Ad, you get paid by the advertiser.

ADROIT offers results driven PPC solutions that will help your business get the best service and results possible commensurate with your investment in Pay Per Click facility.

We have immense experience across a wide range of industry verticals and are well-placed to provide proactive and strategic service that will enable you to achieve higher conversion for less cost.

What Services We Offer?

  • Keyword Research;
  • Campaign Creation & Management;
  • Landing Page Optimization;
  • Set Conversion Tracking;
  • Ad Group Creation (incl Copy-writing);
  • Detailed reports covering keywords, advert text, costs and allied elements;
  • Competitor Analysis;
  • Mobile PPC Campaigns; &
  • PPC brand protection strategies.

What Benefits You Get?

  • State-of-the-art PPC Campaign management practices.
  • Effective, value-for-money lead generation techniques.
  • Maximum Returns on Investment.
  • Maximum Accurate Clicks.
  • Enhanced ROI.
  • Weekly / Monthly reports

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